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preschool crafts

Additional Preschool Curriculum - Berry Best Preschool Activities Workbook

For additional curriculum, we have a workbook to add more activities and structure to your preschool day! Our preschool activities workbook is packed with 78 fun and creative curriculum projects. After your child is finished the preschool program for that day, they can pull out their workbook and pick a project to learn and have fun again.

The workbook reviews letters, numbers, shapes, sizes and more. Most of these preschool curriculum projects do require cutting, gluing and configuring. Therefore, your child will be exercising their fine motor skills while they discover and learn new things. By adding a workbook to the program, your child will be so excited to have their very own book and be challenged with their important assignments!

Remember, our preschool curriculum catches the child’s interest and entertains their imagination. Our preschool curriculum is just not ordinary, our preschool curriculum has a craft twist and kids love it!